Cross Keys

Fremont’s Army, commanded by Major General John Fremont

Blenker’s Division – Brigadier General Louis Blenker
           Stahel’s Brigade – Brigadier General Julius Stahel
                          8th New York Infantry
                          39th New York Infantry 
                          41st New York Infantry
                          45th New York Infantry
                          27th Pennsylvania Infantry
                          Pennsylvania Rifles (Bucktails)
                          New York Light Artillery, 2nd Battery
                          Virginia Battery C
                          Howitzer Battery
           Koltes’ Brigade – Colonel John Koltes
                          29th New York Infantry
                          68th New York Infantry
                          73rd Pennsylvania Infantry
                          New York Light Artillery, 13th Battery
           Bohlen’s Brigade – Brigadier General Henry Bohlen
                          54th New York Infantry
                          58th New York Infantry
                          74th Pennsylvania Infantry
                          75th Pennsylvania Infantry
                          1st New York Light Artillery, Battery I
                          4th New York Cavalry

Milroy’s Brigade – Brigadier General Robert Milroy
             2nd Virginia Infantry
             3rd Virginia Infantry
             5th Virginia Infantry
             25th Ohio Infantry
             1st Virginia Cavalry (detachment)
             Virginia Light Artillery, Battery G
             1st Ohio Light Artillery, Battery I
             Ohio Light Artillery, 12th Battery

Schenck’s Brigade – Brigadier General Robert Schenck
             32nd Ohio Infantry
             55th Ohio Infantry
             73rd Ohio Infantry
             75th Ohio Infantry
             82nd Ohio Infantry
             1st Connecticut Cavalry Battalion
             1st Ohio Light Artillery, Battery K
             Rigby’s Battery

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