The Army of the Potomac, Major General Joseph Hooker commanding

11th Corps – Major General Oliver Howard
Chief of Artillery – Lieutenant Colonel Louis Schirmer

1st Division – Brigadier General Charles Devens, Brigadier General Nathaniel McLean

                1st Brigade – Colonel Leopold von Gilsa
                                41st New York Infantry
                                45th New York Infantry
                                54th New York Infantry
                                153rd Pennsylvania Infantry

                2nd Brigade – Brigadier General Nathaniel McLean, Colonel John Lee
                                17th Connecticut Infantry
                                25th Ohio Infantry
                                55th Ohio Infantry
                                75th Ohio Infantry
                                107th Ohio Infantry

                13th New York Independent Light Artillery

2nd Division – Brigadier General Adolph von Steinwehr

                1st Brigade – Colonel Adolphus Buschbeck
                                29th New York Infantry
                                154th New York Infantry
                                27th Pennsylvania Infantry
                                73rd Pennsylvania Infantry

                2nd Brigade – Brigadier General Francis Barlow
                                33rd Massachusetts Infantry
                                134th New York Infantry
                                136th New York Infantry
                                73rd Ohio Infantry

                1st New York Light Artillery, Battery I

3rd Division – Major General Carl Schurz

                1st Brigade – Brigadier General Alexander Schimmelfennig
                                82nd Illinois Infantry
                                68th New York Infantry
                                157th New York Infantry
                                61st Ohio Infantry
                                74th Pennsylvania Infantry

                2nd Brigade – Colonel Wladimir Krzyzanowski
                                58th New York Infantry
                                119th New York Infantry
                                75th Pennsylvania Infantry
                                26th Wisconsin Infantry

                1st Ohio Light Artillery, Battery I

                Unattached – 82nd Ohio Infantry

Reserve Artillery

                2nd New York Independent Light
                1st Ohio Light, Battery K
                1st West Virginia Light, Battery C

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